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Google is disrupting the video game industry

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

When it comes to video games, Google has an almost infinite amount of casual games in Google's Play store which is a library of 3rd party games developed by various indie devs, and notable companies like Supercell (Creators of the Clash of Clan series). But right now in march of 2019, we are not talking about third party casual game developers.

Google has revealed it's new video game industry disruption, and it is not just a competition to Sony and Microsoft's over 2 decades long console dominance


STADIA is an online game streaming service which poses a threat to the conventional way AAA video game content is consumed. It is a platform that is arguably twice as powerful as the leading consoles PS4 Pro and Xbox 1 X.

Stadia boasts of a 10 terra flop Processing power which is inevitably going to result in a major scaling up of the Graphics capabilities of video game content

We can't wait to get our hands on the Stadia controller which is designed to run over wifi connection, thereby making it the best and most convenient video game controller

How significant is this you ask?

Google is a mega corporation with a near infinite access to financial resources, not just to pull this off, but to change the way all media is consumed eventually

When video game content becomes indistinguishable from movies, and real world content, then we have reached the singularity in media

A 10 tera flop processor is a serious upgrade from what we are used to seeing in terms of the power of current gen consoles and PCs but when you combine multiple 10 tera flop computer servers to process your real time game graphics....Pheeew

Let that sink in for a bit.

Real time particle flow for liquid simulation, Real time ray tracing, advanced AI, and destructible worlds in-game.....!!!!! My GOODNESS!

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