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Political Logo Design Review

So I decided to quickly iterate on the ANN Logo design that was shared yesterday on Naija Graphics Designers (facebook group).

I was trying not to deviate too much from the original Art direction and colors by the designer. My inspiration for these are mainly from U.S Political logos. You may iterate further if you are free.

Tools: Pencil, Flash, and P.S

Font: Choplin

Creative Direction: New Nigeria. The Nigerian political space is filled with Political Parties that are perceived as disconnected from the Nigerian people and their needs, and so I decided to reflect a more horizontal relationship between this brand and the people targeted, using some elements in this design.

The horizontal Nigerian flag is a clear anomaly which represents a flat system between the Party and the people it intends to serve.

This deviates from the perceived vertical relationship where by the government looks down at the governed.

Another element which is seen in this design is the seedling sprouting out of the letter 'N'. It represents hope, freshness, and a new chapter in the Nigerian political scene.

The stars represent not just the 36 states in Nigeria but also includes 4 extra states,

1, State of Mind

2, State of Affairs

3, State of the Art

4, State of The Nation

These 40 stars fortify the Party's agenda of a New Nigeria

The red font (ANN) helps to signify the Intensity, and commitment of the Party to ensure Nigeria's growth and development.

The watermark illustration of a lion and a lioness in the background represents the Party's agenda for full political participation by both men and women in Nigeria

Disclaimer: My company was not commissioned by the Political Party to design their Logo. This was done solely for educational purposes

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