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Kuluya Games

Kuluya games was founded in May 2012 by Chris Okonkwo, Jason Njoku, and Bastian Gotter to cater to the African market which was a void back in the day.

It was a learning experience for the creative team, and most stake holders involved in the adventure of creating and publishing African themed gaming content.

Personally for me, it was a bitter-sweet experience as a passionate young entrepreneur who gave up a lot to make this dream come true, from making flash games on very tight schedules to turning down Miami Ad school scholarship awarded to my company Lineguage Studios in order for me to take two years off from my entrepreneurship to study a course in advertising in Miami Florida, sleeping at the studio with my team on tight schedules, practically having little or no social life, and missing an opportunity to bring my proprietary, and very expensive gaming idea (FaceIt) to the mainstream game industry for next gen consoles.

I guess it was all worth it in the end cos I learned hard facts about doing the business of Art and the art of Business.

It was a great adventure in the end

This is 2017 and there are a load of other ventures that we've built from the ground up with more experience and tenacity I am grateful to God

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